Monica Deumic

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi there! I am Monica Deumic, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, working out of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. 

When I tell people about my business, I often get asked why I got into sleep consulting. My biggest “why” is simple: My son, Adrian. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a mom. So when I was madly in love with my new baby but majorly struggling due to lack of sleep, I was more than disappointed. 

Everyone told me: “Wait until the 6-week mark.” Then I heard, “Oh, it will definitely be better once he is 2 months old.” I was approaching 3 months, when I hit rock bottom.

After reading several books, articles, and social media posts, I finally came across gentle sleep training. I implemented a plan and it worked.

My son who was only sleeping for 1-2 hour stretches slept through the night by the end of the first week. I was stunned in the best way possible!

But as time went on, I realized there were still some details to work out that were specific to my baby. I found myself wishing that I had somebody that I could turn to for questions and support. 

This is where my Sleep Sense™ consulting journey comes in…I want to help families like mine, get their sleep back. Being a new parent does not have to include years of sleepless nights. Getting your child to sleep through the night is completely doable and it is the best gift you could give yourself and your entire family!

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