Are you tired of being tired?

Teaching your child independent sleep skills is the fastest way to get them sleeping through the night. 

I guide parents through a pediatrician-trusted, step-by-step program that over 100,000 parents have had success with in order to do that. 

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What does working with me look like?

  • After filling out a preliminary questionnaire, we will meet virtually or over the phone to get to know each other and so that I can find out how I can best support your baby’s specific needs.
  • We will meet again so that I can lay out your customized plan and answer any questions.
  • You will receive two weeks of support while implementing the plan. Support includes: 2 check-in phone calls and unlimited text and email support.
  • Finally, we will meet one last time to celebrate successes and answer any final questions.

Available Packages


Newborn Package


This package is for  parents with a baby 4 months and under. We will work together to lay a strong sleep foundation and get longer sleep stretches.


Infant & Toddler Package


This package is for parents with a baby 4 months or older. We will work together to get your baby sleeping through the night in a 2 week container.


Non-Client Q&A Call


60 minute phone call to ask me any baby sleep questions that you may have. This package is for parents that have NOT completed the program with me.


Returning Client Call


60 minute call for returning clients that may have additional questions or just want some continued support.


Email and Text


1 week of unlimited email and text support. This package is recommended for previous clients that may need some additional support. 

Family Centered Sleep Foundations and Training

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